AIC has expertise in Mechanical engineering and fabrication, and we provide Analyser Shelters customized to meet the most stringent specification.
Each shelter is designed, manufactured, and supplied to meet the applicable area classifications and standards, as per the project and customer requirements, both of the engineering company and the end-user company.
We manufacture Analyser shelters constructed from various materials such as Stainless steel (SS304 or SS316), painted if required, Painted Galvanized Steel, GRP, and Aluminium.
The dimensions of analyser shelters will be according to the number of analyzers and their systems requirements, plant site conditions, and catering all equipment to be installed inside and outside the analyser shelters.

The shelters can have internal compartments or subdivisions, to group equipment in each internal compartment, analysers, sampling systems, carrier and calibration gases.

All Analyser shelters are manufactured in our facility under stringent quality control to meet international standards and our customers’ specifications.

Our Packaged Analyser system includes Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, Systems for power distribution, Utilities headers, Gas Monitoring Systems and Safety Devices, Pre-conditioning units for samples, including pressure and temperature control, Sample take-off probes Sample recovery systems that collect used samples and return them to the process lines, PLC based Safety control system, Communication Systems, Analyzer Systems Data Management Software and Hardware, and other supporting systems as required.

The shelters will be designed and manufactured to ensure the reliable performance of the analysers and their systems, to ensure an optimum operation and maintenance of the analyser by the plant personnel, to ensure the safety of the personnel, and minimize the impact on the environment at customer plant site.