Hydrogen Purity and Process Analysers
Hydrogen Purity Analyser

Hydrogen Purity Analyser have been design especially for cylindrical and power station to check the Hydrogen Purity.

8866 is an analyzer for harsh environment that allows very accurate and stable in line analysis of a gas in a binary (or almost binary) mixture, taking advantage of its own specific thermal conductivity, respect to the background gas.

The weatherproof and explosion proof 8866 is designed for field installation in the most severe conditions, minimizing the sample conditioning requirements.

Zirconia Oxygen Analyser

Zirconia O2 Analyser is most suitable for monitoring the oxygen concentration of combustion gases in large or small boilers, various industrial furnace and combustion devices, or for the control of low-oxygen combustion. These oxygen analyzers are fast and precise for combustion control.

The G405 is an extractive Zirconia analyser housed in a rack 19” case, typically used for in-line O2 traces measurements in pure gas or in flue gas. Also available in transportable benchtop case.

High-Temperature Zirconic O2 Analyser

Designed to measure Oxygen in flue gas for combustion efficiency and fuel saving. Ideal for measurements in the post-combustion chamber at high temperature typical of incinerators, cremators, heating furnaces, soaking pits, and annealing furnaces.

Wetted parts in ceramic materials (Zirconia and pure alumina) Resistant to corrosion by acid & aggressive substances, to abrasion and to the alternation of oxidant and reducing conditions External flanged installation & protection tube (option) warranty extra protection in case of huge dust amount in the process

high temperature zirconia o2 analyser
Electrochemical Cell ppm Oxygen Analyser
EC9600  O2 Analyser

EC9600 is ADEV cost effective solution to measure Oxygen in ppm and % in a great variety of applications. The sensing elements are high performance electrochemical sensors, unaffected by most of background gases. Simple and reliable solution to measure O2 in hazardous area (ATEX) Zone 1 / Zone 21.

ADEV sensors are specific for Oxygen. They measure the partial pressure of Oxygen from low ppm to 100% levels in inert gases, gaseous Hydrocarbons, Helium, Hydrogen, mixed gases, acid gas streams and ambient air.


Hydro Flue

In situ Moisture Analysers based on Solid State Zirconia Electrolyte Technology.

HydroFlue adopts advanced solid-state Zirconia Electrolyte measurement technology. The core sensor uses a structured design of high-temperature resistance (max. temperature of 900°C) that can stably work in a high-temperature environment for the long term.

HydroFlue can be widely applied to continuous online measurement of exhaust gas humidity and Oxygen in thermal power plants, chemical plants, steel shops, and the cement industry.