AIC is one of the largest, most experienced and fastest growing analyser systems company. A leading Indian manufacturer of Gas and water analysis systems for process and environment monitoring. Your first choice for compliance and non-compliance emission monitoring systems-AIC is the leading supplier to the power, Refinery, Industrial, Fertilizers, Research organisations, Turbine, Petrochemical, Steel chemical, process emission and manufacturing industries.

AIC provides innovatively designed and integrated analyser systems, products, and field services for the process and environmental monitoring analysers systems for all applications.

Our expertise includes design, integration, manufacturing, service, training, as well as , on site commissioning and annual maintenance support.
Our experienced and dedicated engineers have extensive instrumentation and analysers experience, including sample conditioning system design and engineering , shelters integration and project management.
The engineers in the service department have long experience on testing and site commissioning for all our analysers and systems.
AIC offers high quality, low maintenance gas analyser systems integrated at a state of the art of manufacturing, testing and service .Customer training is essential part of our services ensuring customers are able to operate and maintain our systems reliably on a continuous basis.
We organize on site customer training as well as training workshops from time to time making continuous efforts to train our users.