AIC provides complete solutions for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring using latest analysis technologies in our Analyser Systems.

We have a  widest range of sensors to measure  physical, chemical and biological parameters of water which includes following:-

    • pH, ORP & Temperature
    • Chemical Oxygen Demand
    • Biological Oxygen Demand
    • Total Organic Carbon
    • Dissolved Organic Carbon
    • Total Suspended Solids 
    • Turbidity 
    • Total Dissovled Solids
    • Dissolved Oxygen
    • Conductivity 
    • Nitrate
    • Ammonia 
    • Cynide
    • Phosphate
    • Silica 
    • Phosporous 
    • Color
    • Oil in water 
    • Sulphur
    • Oil Film Detector
    • Flowmeters for Effluent open channel or Close channel Level Transmitter


AIC offers on-line monitoring solutions for a multitude of application areas. The modular and scalable character of the system allows for an optimal customization of our systems to the different demands of each area.




Emission limits relating to wastewater are becoming increasingly important. For this reason, the determination of composition and concentrations during the wastewater treatment process are essential. The access to continuous real-time information about the relevant parameters allows for an optimal management of treatment facilities.

Our products of allow for the simultaneous measurement and control, thereby increasing the overall efficiency and availability of wastewater treatment plants. The scalability and flexibility of our measurement and control systems offers optimal solutions for the requirements of industrial, as well as municipal wastewater treatment plants.


The safeguarding of the drinking water supply is an increasingly global challenge. The growing demand in combination with the high standards of quality require continuous monitoring of the resource, as well as our most important food, our drinking water.

We offer on-line measurement technology for the quality assurance in the drinking water production, as well as the drinking water supply. With our products we provide a reliable and long-term system solution for your requirements.


Today’s demands for the process measurement and control technology require specific solutions, which solve the complex tasks of the systems.

Our complete systems are optimally suited for solving the required tasks, as they allow for the integration of measurement and control in one overall solution. Our service ranges from a single measurement value up to complex SCADA solutions. Through the additional usage of innovative communication and data technology relevant information is available at all times.


The monitoring of environmental parameters allows the determination of information regarding the quality and development of water properties. For instance, the recorded data serves the purpose of an information system for the development of legal regulations, as well as the monitoring of their compliance.

With the application of on-line monitoring measurement devices it is possible to safely determine even temporary variations. Through innovative data communication it can be ensured, that necessary actions can even be taken on a short-term basis.