Continuous emission monitoring involves measuring gas concentration at the point of emission(stack/Duct).

These measurement can be coupled with temperature, pressure and flow measurements to allow a better understanding of how emission affect the local and broader environmental. Stack emissions monitoring involves monitoring high concentration of stack air such as CO, CO2, Nox SO2 and others with specially designed gas analysers.

Our analyser system package includes Heating , Ventilation and air conditioning systems, Pre conditioning units for samples, Including pressure and temperature control. Sample probes and data management software and hardware, and other supporting systems as required.

AIC Provide Optimum solution to the measurement and monitoring of various pollutants like SO2, NOX, CO, CO2,  NH3, HCL, HF, THC, Mercury, etc Based on the vast experience in such systems,  AIC today provide solutions on technology platforms of either Dilution Extractive, Hot Extractive or in-situ measurement.

AIC Provides complete CEMS Package suitable for use in industries which fulfill the specific requirements of state and central pollution control boards.

Hot Extractive CEM Systems

Hot Extractive CEM Systems are most popular to meet your gas analysis needs-for environmental monitoring, with Simultaneous and Continuous Measurement of the Concentration of upto 5 Gas Components in single Analyser assembly.Built in NDIR Module for each gas is placed in a single enclosure.CEM Systems Provided with Two Range Selection with Automatic, Manual & Remote Calibration

Features, Alarms & RS232/RS485 Communication Port for Modbus communication of Emission Parameters Multi Component TUV & MCERTS certified Analyser from M/s Fuji Electric, Japan are duly integrated into Hot Extractive CEM Systems manufactured at our works We have supplied and commissioned more than 300 Hot Extractive Type CEM System in Indian Markets in last one year.

Dilution Extractive CEM Systems

Dilution extractive CEM systems are the most effective way to monitoring flue gas emissions as these utilize built in modules based on NDIR technology for CO, Chemiluminescence technology for Nox & UV Fluoroscent Technology for SO2.       Minimizes time spent on site performing maintenance through superior remote instrument control, diagnostic viewing and calibration through dilution technique.
Versatile interfacing through RS232, USB, Bluetooth and analog and optional TCP IP for Modbus communication of emission parameter of each analyser.
USEPA Complaint analysers from M/s Ecotech, Australia duly integrated into dilution extractive CEM Systems manufacture at our works.
We have supplied 7 commissioned more than 100 Dilution extractive CEM Systems in India.

In – Situ Type Gas Analyers

Cross Stack Laser Gas Analysers Measures

  • Measures corrosive components like HCL, NH3, H2S, HF and also O2, CO+CO2, CH4 with ease.
  • Negligible interference by other gas components.
  • High speed response.

Dust & Opacity Analysers

The dust monitor ensures the continuous surveillance of dust emission at stack and after bag filter monitoring.

Dust Concentration Measurement is provided through Cross Stack. Opacity Analysers based on Transmissometry Principle.

One side Mounted Back Scatter Type Analysers for dust monitoring.

Automatic Zero / Span Calibration Check.

Our dust concentration measurement solutions have the following features:-


Flow Measurement:

  • The volume flow measurement is necessary in addition to the concentration measurement (e.g. % CO2/m3) to measure the exact volume of noxis gases.
  •   This is the volume flow measurement of air in the stack so that the volume of air (in m3) that flows through the chimney cross-section per unit of time (in s or h) is to be measured.
  •  AIC have both Transit Time based and Pitot Tube based solution to measure flue gas flow which are as per latest CPCB  guidelines.