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Welcome to AIC
Water Analysers
Real Solutions

Water Analysers
PH & ORP Analysers
State–of–the–Art microprocessor based and easy to use. Users say “It just seems to do what you expect.” Automatically recognizes pH buffers for easy accurate calibration and identifies pH Electrode Status. Two unique 4–20 mA outputs, independently   programmable   zero,  span   and
direction, for acid and caustic feed (or pH and Temperature). Similarly, two programmable alarms and diagnostics are included. Optional PID control functions, even TWO pH electrode inputs are available on the Model 656! Housed in a moisture and corrosion resistant case. Reliable loop powered 2–wire 4 to 20 mA pH transmitters are also available in similar or explosion–proof housings.
Water Analysers
PH & ORP Sensors
Large industrial design with built–in ruggedness and long life needed by industry. Heavy duty body protects cushion mounted electrodes for impact resistance, with sealed encapsulated leads to keep moisture out. Protected pH glass tip, large reference  junctions  surface  to   resist   plugging
and contamination–resistant reference construction ensures accuracy and long electrode life in tough applications such as effluent streams, pulp stock, mining slurries, high temperature or strong chemicals.
Water Analysers
Conductivity Analysers
have all of the microprocessor benefits of the pH/ORP analysers listed above. Along with the two 4–20 mA programmable outputs, full alarm and diagnostic capabilities is an auto–ranging scale from 1 to 200,000 microseimens/cm and simple   Auto   calibration   that   recognizes   your
standards. Direct reading % NAOH, % H2SO4, %HCl, % NaCl, TDS, Resistivity, and PID control options are available. The 2–wire versions are reliable, accessible loop powered transmitters.
Water Analysers
Conductivity Sensors
To service a wide range of applications from high purity water to high conductivity, to high temperature, to condensate, to chemical waste. There is an impressive range of sensor styles, cell constants and sensor construction materials
for  virtually  all  applications.  Configurations  are
available on insertion, twist–lock, or submersible.
Water Analysers
Part Per Billion Dissolved Oxygen Systems
are designed to give fast response and ease of use. Measures trace Dissolved Oxygen to sub ppb level within 0.1 ppb Galvanic technology provides accurate, scientific zero. Display shows barometric pressure, current output and program messages.  Two   assignable   4–20  mA outputsand two assignable relays. Quick one–button calibration with pre–tensioned membrane for easy annual replacement. Panel mounted with stainless steel flowcell, double shielded   sensor cable, on–line calibration, magnetite
grit bypass and siphon–drain system for enhanced accuracy at low ppm levels.
Water Analysers
Portable Part Per Billion Dissolved Oxygen Systems
are designed to give you fast response, flexibility, reliability and ease of use in a portable analyser. Automatic ranging reads directly in part per billion without any need for set up : from 0 ppb to 20 ppm  dissolved  oxygen  with  values available  onan RS232 output. Quality construction includes a stainless steel portable panel double
shielded ppb dissolve oxygen sensor and bulkhead quick–disconnects to produce stable low ppb reading when the sample is delivered via stainless steel tubing. By, design, the cell chemistry regenerates and does not deplete the electrolyte, which produces long, stable runs between electrode recharge. When recharge is necessary, the membrane replacement is an easy factory pre–tensioned module.
Water Analysers
Galvanic Drinking Water Chlorine Systems
are designed and manufactured to give you fast response, reliability and ease of use. All system are mounted on a sample panel which includes chlorine sensor, flow cell, pressure–reducing valve, flow setting valve, atmospheric break, constant head, grab sample point & atmosphericdrain. IC Controls unique galvanic sensor technology provides better accuracy because of the absolute zero, excellent stability and directs measurement of HOC!. Galvanic technology   has   also   eliminated   the  need  for
reagents which reduced maintenance time and cost. The total package is designed to save money and time while improving the reliability of the on–line measurement.
For more details, please visit IC Controls website (www.iccontrols.com) or feel free to contact us.
Water Analysers
Water Analysers
Welcome to AIC