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Dust Monitors

OPAL 100 Series transmissometer systems are non-compliance monitoring systems that can provide continuous in–situ measurement of both visible (opacity %) and quantitative (mg/m3) emissions.

They are ideal for use as opacity monitors in package boiler, incinerator, and combustion process applications where EPA emission limits are applicable and precise combustion control is desired. They are also an invaluable tool for measurement of quantitative emissions, especially in applications where other technologies have limitations from electrostatic precipitators, variable air velocities and/or large duct spans.

OPAL 200 series dual channel opacity and dust monitoring systems are designed, tested and certified to the USEPA Performance Specification #1 (opacity) and are also compliant for use in USEPA PS-11 (quantitative dust) monitoring applications.

They can be supplied as either standard application systems or EXp certified systems for use in hazardous areas.

200 Series system outputs and control features are extremely versatile and offer many unique features not available in competitor systems. This allows the OPAL 200 to be the ideal replacement system in the event of urgent site breakdowns.

OPAL 300 Series velocity and temperature monitors provide continuous and individual measurement of flue gas velocity, temperature and pressure to enable volumetric flow determination for industrial emissions license reporting.

Based on the proven techniques of differential pressure measurement using an automatic self purging pitot tube probe unit, the OPAL 300 systems offer reliable and precise air velocity measurements across a wide range of stack gas stream velocities and conditions.

Using the measured duct dimensions, the total volumetric flow calculation (m3/hr) is based on the 3 measured components of DP, temperature and duct pressure in accordance with standard engineering formulae. The measured components are determined in accordance with requirements and guidelines of USEPA Performance Specifications #2 and #6.

The OPAL 300 has an integrated auto purge capability to ensure reliability for dusty and wet process conditions, and an autozero capability to ensure zero sensor drift.

Dust Monitors
Dust Monitors
Welcome to AIC