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AIC Innovation & Excellence in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Maintenance of Analysis Systems
Welcome to AIC
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Welcome to AIC
Analyser Systems
Fuji Electric Systems

AIC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality and competitively priced, state of the art technology Gas and Water Analysis systems. We bring to you the   best   and  latest  in analysis systems,

collaborating with Fuji Electric Japan, IC Controls Canada & Bieler + Lang Germany. Simple works the best is fully exemplified by popularity of Fuji ZRJ/ZRE microflow sensor based NDIR analysers.

We are an NSIC Registered ISO 9001 accredited unit manufacturing Gas Analyser Systems in technical collaboration with Fuji, Electric Japan.

The Analyser Sample Handling Systems are designed based on more than three decades of experience in the manufacture of analyser systems and our experience of installations in diverse areas.We keep the design of the system as simple as possible at the same time ensuring that the pre-conditioning of the sample to remove dust and moisture is adequately taken care of. This ensures easy and reliable operation and maintenance of our analysis systems.

AIC has more than 500 Analyser installations in last 12 years of operation with more than 300 Fuji Analyser installations in last 6 years in Cement, Steel, Power, Fertiliser and Petrochemical companies.

Our CO analyser systems were exported last year to Kazakhastan for a Cement Process Application and previously to countries like Korea, Congo, Nigeria through Indian companies for Incinerator, Chemicals and Steel Process Applications.

Analyser Systems
Analyser Systems
Analyser Systems
Analyser Systems
Welcome to AIC