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AIC Provides Analyser Systems for continuous monitoring water quality (Maximum seven parameters) at faucet feed line or water receiving tank of a building. In addition to the three items of turbidity, color, and residual chlorine, which are specified by law to be inspected daily, this analyzer can optionally conduct measurements of the electric conductivity, pH, water temperature, and water pressure.

• Compact IN size
• Upto 7 Parameters can be monitored
• Easy Maintenance
• Hassle Free Operation

Compact But 7 Measurement Items:-

S. No. Item Scope Method
1 Turbidity 0-4NTU Transmission &  scattered light
2 Residue Chlorine 0-2mg/L Polarograph
3 Color 0-20 Transmission light
4 pH 2-12pH Glass electrode
5 Water Pressure 0-1MPa Diffusion semiconductor
6 Conductivity 0-500μS/cm AC 2- pole
7 Water Temperature 0-50℃ platinum resistance thermometer



Effluent Quality Monitoring Systems(EQMS)

It is necessary to ensure that the industrial/Plant water should be treated before going to dispose in rivers.The careless disposal of industrial and plant water leads to the pollution of river water. Thats why as per CPCB Guidelines Monitoring of COD, BOD, TSS, pH, Ammonia, Temperature  & Flow of Effluent water are also required. Monitoring of these effluent treatment systems helps ensure regulatory compliance and minimizing Real time monitoring alerts to customer's engineers if concentrations of effluents cross regulatory levels.



AIC Provides  an organic pollution monitor (UV meter) that

employs ultraviolet absorptiometry to analyze the organic

pollution levels in commercial, industrial, and other types

of effluents. The values obtained are correlated with the

CODMn, and are then used to calculate the pollution load

and other items in accordance with the Total Effluent

Control System. Before using the instrument, make a correlation

between the instrument output and the CODMn.

The design of this meter applies the measurement

principle and method stipulated in the JIS K 0807 standard,

“Ultraviolet photometer for monitoring of water pollution



Oil Film Detector Analyser

Oil Film Detector Analyser









AIC provide a solution for measuring of Oil present on the water surface by non contact type method. The Instrument projects a laser beam on to the water surface and measure the differences in the reflection properties between the water and oil.