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Monitoring and controlling of boiler water is necessary for safe operation of the boilers in power generation plants of utility companies and IPP (independent Power Producer ) and waste heat recovering systerms. The high-temperature and pressure samples are introduced to the analysers after reduction to the suitable temperature and pressure. The measurement results are output as transmission signals.

The sampling systems adopts automatic temperature compensation system built in the pH transmitter, instead of complicated, expensive, and maintenance required constant temperature unit. Also adopted is the flow stablizing unit, which provides the sample at a stable flow rate even when the incoming sample pressure fluctuates by three times.


As Monitoring of purity of boiler water & steam in thermal & captive power plants is very important. The High Pressure Boiler and Steam Turbines are under constant attck of silica , Sodium, Chlorides & Dissolved oxygen etc that causes scale formation, sludge and rust in boiler tubes, turbine blades and boiler walls, leads to several problems viz wastage of fuel, lowering of boiler safety, decrement in overall plant safety.
So the effective monitoring of purity of boiler water & steam is necessary.
We provide widest range of analysers & systems for accurate and dependable online monitoring of these parameters.
Including design, manufacture, Supply, Installation, Comissioning & Annual Maintenance of complete SWAS Analysers as follows: 
•Online pH, Conductivity& Dissolved Oxygen Analysers
•Online silica, Hydrazine & Phosphate analysers
•Online Ammonia, Chloride & Sodium Analysers
•Accurate, precise and verifiable results.
•Full featured analog output systems and concentration alarms.
•Low reagent consumption- extremely low cost of operation.