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Process Gas Analysis System

AIC has supplied customers with various types of gas analysers to support their Process Monitoring requirements . We provide complete Process Analytical solutions by integrating analysers into our own systems designs for almost every industrial application. Ensuring that the analyser receives the sample in the best possible condition is key to accurate analysis.

Cement Plant Analysis Solutions

  • Kiln Inlet Gas Analysis
  • Pre Heater Outlet Gas Analysis
  • Pre-Calciner Outlet Gas Analysis
  • Coal mill bag house inlet/outlet Gas Analysis
  • Fine Coal bin Gas Analysis
  • Coal mill Gas Analysis
  • ESP Inlet/Outlet Gas Analysis

Steel Plant Analysis Solutions

  • Blast Furnace Top Gas Analysis
  • LD converters Gas Analysis
  • Heating Furnace Gas Analysis
  • Above Burden & In Burden Gas Analysis
  • Cold blast furnace Gas Analysis
  • Coke oven Gas Analysis
  • Air Separation plant Gas Analysis
Petrochemical Plant Analysis Solutions
  • Petrochemical Plant Analysis Solutions
  • Up & Down stream Analysis for Process efficiency
  • Process Safety & Quality Control.
  • Downstream Applications like Syngas Generation
  • Petroleum Refining Gas Analysis
  • Petrochemical Processing Gas Analysis

Power Plant Analysis Solutions
  • Air Pre heater Inlet Gas Analysis
  • Coal Silo Gas Analysis
  • Boiler Flue Gas Analysis
  • Gas Purity Analysis
  • Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) Gas Analysis
Fertilizers Plant Analysis Solutions
  • Urea Plant Gas Analysis
  • Ammonia Plant Gas Analysis
  • DAP Stack Gas Analysis
  • PAP Stack Gas Analysis
  • Biodegradation Plant Gas Analysis
Incinerator, Paper & other Industries Analysis
  • Incinerator waste Gas Analysis
  • LB & RB Plant Gas Analysis for Paper Industry
  • Chlorine Production Plant Gas Analysis
  • Special Analysis Systems for Research
  • Applications