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Advanced Gas Analysis Solutions

About Project:

Purge Pressurized Gas Analyser Systems
AIC Purged Panel Analyser Solutions are engineered to the hazardous area concept of Exp to IEC/EN60079-2. Purge Systems are based on the principle that in Zone 1 or 2, Division 1 or 2, the gas mixture in the ambient atmosphere which may ignite under certain circumstances, is removed from the housing by an initial and continuous purge process.
The pressurized system makes the installed equipment, not suitable for hazardous area, to be installed and operated in a hazardous area environment. Exproof Analysers are also provided for certain applications as per customer requirements.
The Online Gas Analyser Systems are used in a wide range of Industrial environments especially for the Process Industries.
AIC is a recognized expert in the development and provision of leading-edge Total Gas Analysis solutions and provides the best analytical solution and also guarantees that the solution will work with excellent results and performance.
Online Gas Chromatograph Systems
GC Available in following detector configurations
Discharge lonisation Detector (DID)
High Frequency Argon Detector (HFADD)
Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
Flame lonisation Detector (FID)
For Monitoring Multiple Gases in sample gas for impurity Measurement at ppm, ppb levels

Detectors for Toxic , Flammable Gases & Combustibles
Suitable for safe area / hazardous area (Zone 1/2) application
Concentration display on the detector (Ex monitor)
Measuring principle : Infrared Gas Sensor / Pellistor / Electrochemical / Semiconductor
Measurement range depending on the gas
Linear measurement single 4 -20 mA




Multi channel controller
Up to 64 sensors with 4-20 mA interface
Detectors - Gasmonitor, Exmonitor, Exdetector, HC series
Multi level alarm thresholds

Wall - mounting standard distribution panel
Safety integrity level SIL 1 or equivalent standards